Angel Jimenez-Gutierrez

Angel Jimenez-Gutierrez is Founder of Awareness Coaching. He is a highly successful entrepreneur in the areas of Finance, Consulting, Hospitality and Service.

For the last 15 years he has supported various initiatives with outstanding results and currently operating. He has now decided to share his experience and knowledge with others through Awareness Coaching.

Angel is a Certified Coach by the Innerland Institute in Canada and a Certified Facilitator Candidate of The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie.  Angel champions supportive initiatives for the youth, college graduates, recent immigrants and specializes in developing the ability of teams and individuals to give and receive positive and negative feedback.

Additionally, Angel has emerged in several human development initiatives with the aim to support his self-growth and as well as the personal and professional growth of others.


tania fierro

Tania is the founding partner at the Innerland Institute. She is a speaker, counselor, coach, facilitator, trainer, management consultant, olympic athlete, and transformation specialist. She offers clients a deeply compassionate, razor sharp awareness to get to the crux of any situation. Together she travels through our most fearful and painful beliefs allowing for profound transformation and clear course of action. There is no situation, emotion or thought that Inquiry can't hold and she invites us not to believe her and to try it for ourselves.

Tania is a Certified Counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York. She holds bachelor's and masters degrees in philosophy and ethics. She was a participant in the 1988 Seul Olympics, She is also a graduate from the Harvard Bioethics Program and she has 20 years of experience supporting individuals and organizations in questioning and undoing the repetitive, stressful patterns that cause suffering in our lives. 



Pedro is the managing partner at the Innerland Institute. An author, speaker, counselor, coach, facilitator, philosopher, trainer, transformation specialist, as well as a management and leadership consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He is the author of the book Curflexion, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment.

Pedro holds bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees specializing in philosophy, economics, education, leadership and entrepreneurship from Universidad Iberoamericana, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Calgary respectively. He is a certified counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in New York and a graduate from the Oxford Finance Program for Senior Executives at the University of Oxford. Additionally, throughout his life, he has fully immersed in several eastern transformational traditions such as Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and Advaita.