Triparadoxia can help us analize most of our personal and professional daily behaviors as they usually come from thoughts, emotions, memories and "self-talk". Mindful practices can help us achieve a profound moment of clarity when the unexpected arises. Taking decisions based on fear, projection, disconnection, panic, doubt, anxiety, can change the direction of any organization's Business and Financial plans. Organizations are challenged daily by events, people, change, competition and unexpected situations that require decision making. Organizations can benefit  from the Noticing and Canvas approach, decisions could be taken with clarity from a balance and peaceful state of mind.  

What is Curflexion?  

When we step between opposing mirrors we are stepping into an infinite reflection. Imagine now that your body becomes transparent while you are standing between those two mirrors.  What would you see?  You would see pure, endless space.  You would be looking at infinity from infinity and hence subject and object would disappear eliminating all source of conflict, allowing for perfect space, wholesome spontaneity, inner sustainability and profound fulfillment to manifest.
This is Curflexion.

We achieve Curflexion through the profound, experiential understanding of Triparadoxia: through deeply realizing the impossibility to achieve the unachievable at three levels: a) we cannot fullly reduce the experience of Being to words and dualities (The Language Paradox); b) every time we buy into a solution or try to fix our internal suffering, we are at the same time buying into promoting and securing future suffering of the same nature (The 2-for-1 Paradox: and finally c) self-illusion does not really exist, and hence, it is only a delusion that cannot be sustained through any platform (No-where to Settle Paradox).                                                            

  Dr. Pedro Cortina