The powerful information and knowledge we have been researching and acquiring can be easily shared, it is our wish. We have chosen to provide FREE workshops to three different entities of our society, sports, immigrants and college graduates. Sports play an important role in today's society. Our Sports Program has been designed for two different sectors, Recreational and Competitive. We have come to the conclusion that sports are not only part of our lives by watching the professionals on TV, but, they have taken over families with so many kid sports available for all ages, allowing adults and kids to be part of an intercative community, if you are a school or a private sport club this will fit perfect for you. Diveristy and inclusion are part of our nation now days, immigrants can face internal obstacles and limiting narratives that stop them from openning and bringing the values into our society, we allow immigrants to inquire on said obstacles and set them free and allow them to give back to our society. College graduates are looking for new beginnings, they are energized beings taking early opporunities, we want to share this knowledge with them, we care about forming mindful beings as they will eventually be the leaders of our world. Allow a short explanation below of said programs. Contact us if you want to bring this knowledge to somebody or a group with the characteristics mentioned.


It is important to be aware of what sports represent on the personality development of our youth, it is critical to understand our position as a parent and as a coach, inquire on our strategy and current beliefs on what is best for our youth is paramount.


We hear and read constantly phrases like : "it is a mental game..." "she is mentally strong..." " is all about controlling his nerves"; and famously quoted and requoted: "he/she is in the ZONE". We inquire in all our current beliefs and narratives that constantly attach athlete's happiness and selfworthy being to their goals and successful performances. We take the athlete/team to find from within the fears and obstacles that stop him/her from performing. We take the athlete/team to a level of self awareness capable of noticing thoughts, limiting narratives and negative percepetions while being on the arena.


We go deep in their current limiting narratives. Immigrants from around the world can bring innovation and creativity to our economy and society. We help the immigrant understand these limiting beliefs and what they are stopping them from. We have found that connection and sharing is a powerful tool for growth, finding ways to create the feel of belonging and connection to this nation is paramount.


We have discovered how difficult the transition from college to the corporate world can be. This program was created for those that are about to graduate or that just finished college, we help them to understand their current role and the reality of the business world, as well as what their professional expectations are causing them internally. It is important to understand the beginning of their professional journey, a clear and minfdul mind will allow these individuals to a succesful beginning in this competitive corporate world.